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Jun. 1 2006

The Alliance for Responsible Transportation (ART)

Photo credits: [left] courtesy of Willy Logan. [center] courtesy of G.Araki. [right] courtesy of Red Light Go!

The Alliance for Responsible Transportation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit collective that now operates via an active email list. Headed by President Robert Canfield and David Lindenfeld, the Alliance for Responsible Transportation addresses transportation issues in Baton Rouge.
The main focus is largely placed on developing/introducing ideas concerning sustainable transportation. In this manner we work to improve public and private transportation alternatives to single-occupant automobiles.
Specific implementation schemes and recommendations for existing transit programs are largely handled by the Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force.
Baton Rouge Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

The scope of our issues include mass transit, cycling, and pedestrian issues.

In 1999 the Alliance for Responsible Transportation was formed to promote sustainable transportation for the city of Baton Rouge, LA.
Our accomplishments have included:
  • Establishment of Tiger Stadium Park and Ride during the
    1998 and 1999 football seasons, demonstrating to the Capitol
    Area Transit System (CATS) that a football park and ride
    proram was feasible. The program continues to be successful
    under CATS management.
  • Consultations with local and state officials regarding new road
    construction leading to accomodations for pedestrian, bicycle,
    and public transportation with new construction - for instance
    O'Neal Lane
  • Board appointments of ART members to the following committees:
    1. Capital Area Transit System
    2. Mayor's Task Force on Smart Growth
    3. Mayor's Task Force on Mass Transit
  • ART suggestion for a bicycle path atop the levee has encouraged
    the Baton Rouge Department of Public Works to construct
    a bicycle path from Downtown to Brightside Ave.
  • Recommendation for a city bicycle/pedestrian coordinator
    which ultimately led to the placement of a Bike/Ped coordinator
    on the staff of the Department of Public Works.

Art has been involoved in the following events:
  • Monthly information table at the local Farmer's Market. Participation in Earth Day
  • Input on the Louisiana State University Master Plan
  • Organization of Transportation Forums - one of which involved
    mayoral candidates in last mayoral race
  • Radio talk-show appearances
  • Organization of "Earth Car-Free Day."
  • Publishing of a quarterly newsletter dealing with Baton Rouge
    transportation issues.

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